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It was a great experience of being attached with Fred who is a great coach. It was a refreshing experience each time we had our sessions together. The coaching using SQI system is very effective in understanding what is important for personal breakthrough. He has met my expectations in all the sessions and the experience of a new breakthrough is absolutely wonderful!
Salim Solaiman, Director of Business Development, Novartis Singapore
The accuracy of the SQI Report and the overall value of the SQI experience have exceeded my expectations. It is very helpful that from the report I can understand myself better. By using Dr Fred’s method to work on some of the cases and people, it really made the difference and the responses I gotten were very positive. I am very happy that my boss enrolls me for the coaching program. There are really a lot of things that I can learn from Dr Fred. Appreciate the guidance and notes given by Dr Fred.
Samantha Tan, Customer Service Manager, Milliken Asia
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Our Focus

We focus on effective execution of change at the individual, team and organization level. Our integrated Organization Effectiveness solutions cover the following:

Our Differentiation – Positive Change with Character Value (commitment) & Competency Development (competence)

With our integrated human capital solutions, supported by our in-house proprietary invention, Success Quotient Intelligence™ (SQI), we are able to gather and process critical information about individuals and groups of people working together.

Working in close partnership with our competency-based learning & development strategic partners, we transform information into actionable intelligence that will lift people up, energize them and help them to remove their blockages to success.

Success Quotient Intelligence (SQI™) is a comprehensive solution for selection, development and retention of leaders and talents. It is an integrated Human Capital Solution towards achieving peak performance, success and significance.

SQI™ is the roadmap towards an in-depth understanding of an individual's emotionality, adversity endurance, positive beliefs of self and others, (blind spots):- limiting beliefs about what is possible to achieve, negative and unhealthy beliefs about self and people and an individual's hidden potential, identity energy and character value

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Our Value-Proposition