About SQI

SQI provides you the answers to three key areas for Personal, Leadership and Organisation Success; “From Good to Great and from Great to Excellence!”

  1. Aware – Of the Hidden Potentials – Have you discovered the latent potentials that are yet to be unleashed in you? Have you also identified the areas that may have hindered your real success?
  2. Acquire – Keys for Breakthrough and Transformation – Have you acquired the creative and strategic solutions to position your discovered strengths and manage those areas that have hindered you?
  3. Achieve – Optimum Success – Are you experiencing greatness, realistic transformation and practical results you desired for Ultimate Success and Influence?

SQI (Success Quotient Intelligence) is a comprehensive solution that gathers and processes critical information about individuals and groups of people working together, transforming it into actionable intelligence that will lift people up, energize them and help them to remove their blockages to succeed.

It helps to draw out the best in them to let them experience a series of tangible breakthroughs in the journey of success, enabling them to experience progress towards their visions that were previously their dreams which they think will never come true in reality.

SQI is not purely a computer-based system with on-line technological capabilities. It is a total solution that incorporates human processes for interpreting and processing information into intelligence with prescriptive solutions that enables you to experience bottom-line results.

SQI is not just about descriptive information of people, but the full insights of individuals and groups of people needed for transformation and for the removal of blockages of success identified in their unique situation and belief system.

Some of the blockages include: (Opening The SQI four door of success)

  1. Not knowing one’s own identity energy (role match and clarity at the organization level)
    1. Not knowing what is the root cause that they can’t come up with specific and passionate goals to achieve or not knowing what is something they care about and will fight for success even though they are very knowledgeable about goal-setting, planning, organizing and problem-solving techniques
  2. Not knowing and therefore not breaking their own self-limiting beliefs (unspoken counter-productive beliefs and values at the organization level)
    1. Not knowing what is the root cause that they can’t persevere and be focus to achieve their goals
    2. Not knowing what is the root cause that they can’t think positively and innovatively
  3. Not knowing how to manage adversity and their emotions effectively (fears, unhealthy stress and frustrations affecting performance at the organization level)
    1. Not knowing what is the root cause that they are fearful of making decisions, taking certain risks, working with certain groups of people and in certain situation and environment and not knowing how to effectively overcome those fears
    2. Not knowing what is the root cause that they can’t manage their frustration, stress and ‘bad situations’ positively even though they are very knowledgeable about emotions, stress and adversity management techniques
  4. Not practicing positive habits and character building (inter and intra-teams in-fighting and counter-productive competition within an organization)
    1. Not knowing what is the root cause that they can’t manage their working relationship with people around them well even though they are very knowledgeable about interpersonal communications, conflict management and people management techniques
    2. Not knowing what is the root cause that they can’t handle the tasks of planning; issues analysis; risk management; decision-making, implementing a plan and progress tracking in the right way and at the right time even though they are very knowledgeable about the techniques

In short, SQI (Success Quotient Intelligence) is a (self and team) leadership breakthrough discovery inventory supported by a diagnostic and prescriptive system.

It is a technology synergized with a proven consulting and coaching methodology for a trained SQI consultant and coach to assist individuals and teams from organizations to achieve a new breakthrough in their journey towards reaching their professional development, performance development and organization development goals respectively.

The definition of Success in SQI

For an individual:

A journey where individuals are making progress with one tangible breakthrough after another towards their career development and performance development goals with a balance in maintaining a good state of physical, emotional and financial health.

For a team of people representing an organization:

A journey where groups of people with a diversity of expertise are working together in unity and synergy with one tangible breakthrough after another towards creating the vitality; competitive advantage; and innovation to keep increasing the real market value of the organization they represent.

Five areas that SQI provides detailed diagnosis and prescriptions (action plans and results):

  1. Hiring Management: recruitments and selections of new hires; retain / redeploy existing staff; setting benchmarks for future hiring decisions and actions
  2. Talent Mind-set Development: personal SWOT awareness, coaching for mind-set developments and mentoring for job specific competency developments; setting benchmarks for future development decisions and actions
  3. Succession Planning: retain and grow top performers; coaching; mentoring and development benchmarking for future succession strategies
  4. High Performing Teams Synergy Coaching: learning and growth developments, bonding strategy developments and benchmarking
  5. Culture and Values Transformation: Leadership (Self, Team and Strategic) breakthrough development, effectiveness and influence, people management and organization developments benchmarking


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