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Isaiah 11:2 Management Consultants is an organization change and effectiveness consulting firm.

In every partnership, we help organizations experience measurable and sustainable success. To achieve this, we identify latent potentials and motivational energies in individuals and gaps in service quality critical in building committed and high-performance teams and individuals.

Our expertise covers major industries and crucial HR & Strategic Resource issues. We are passionate about achieving breakthroughs and finding creative solutions for the most challenging issues.

Our Vision

Be the preferred organization change and effectiveness consulting partner of the world’s best and most admired companies.

Our Mission

We partner with Fortune 500 and emerging Organizations in the Asia Pacific region to sustain and further develop their existing best practices in performance management leading to a more robust strategic position with sustainable competitive differentiation and increasing market value

Our Core Values

As a global consulting company, we set high standards of integrity and honesty. We live by our core values of respect for people, and that every individual is unique.

Value People

  • Uses positive words or facts to communicate with others.
  • Listen sincerely to others first regardless of differences in background
  • Appreciates and affirms contributions from others


  • Upholds discipline to embrace the three core values and business ethics.
  • Keeps to commitments
  • Speak up with respect and honor when encounters others who break core values and business ethics.


  • Keeps looking for opportunities to develop and apply new ideas.
  • Encourages each other to leverage on diverse resources to stimulate new ideas.
  • Persevere to overcome challenges to achieve results

Our People

Strategies, implementation, and execution are all important, but they are only as good as the people who realize them. Because of that, we are 100% convicted that great people make the winning difference! Great People – Our Biggest Asset and Strongest Competitive Advantage.

With 300 over years of combined experience, our internal SQI consultants and certified coaches are passionate researchers and innovators using SQI as the state-of-the-art human capital solution in the field of Talents Selection and Retention Management, People Development, Adversity and Emotions Management, Integrated Leadership Practices, Inter-Teams Synergy and Innovative Performance Management.

With the right people, making the right choices and the right application of SQI, our clients are able to experience the positive difference significantly in measurable and observable terms to show case the standards and best practices of a world class organization.

Dr. Frederick Cheng

Frederick Cheng, Managing Consultant of Isaiah 11: 2 Management Consultants Pte Ltd.

He is a Behavioral Therapist and the inventor & developer of the Beliefs-Emotions-Behaviours Situational Response Assessment System – SQI System (Success Quotient Intelligence).

Frederick Cheng began his career (1980s) in corporate sales to Fortune 500 clients. He is also a people skills development coach, specializing in leadership and interpersonal communication for working professionals.

He graduated with a PhD in Education (HRD), an MSc degree in International Marketing from University of Strathclyde & a Master of Accountancy degree from Charles Sturt University, Australia.

His consulting work involves identifying inter and intra-workgroups communications & coordination gaps, service quality gaps, change management gaps, competency-based learning gaps, character value & organization culture building gaps and coming up with measurable and sustainable solution roadmap through people-task fit analysis, coaching, performance feedback and organizational change strategies & processes.

His emphasis is about having simple, effective and practical solutions with sufficient following through to show case measurable & sustainable results via assessment, coaching, change management & performance feedback.

Frederick has worked with organizations including Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore, Asia Pacific Breweries, CordLife, Infocus, UPEK, Avid Technology, Syngenta Asia Pacific, Milliken Asia, Far East Organization, PSA, Marina Mandarin, Energizer Singapore, SAP, Motorola, Infocus, Chartered Semiconductor, Fuji Xerox Singapore, BMW Asia Pacific, F&N Coca-Cola, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Roche Diagnostics, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cardinal Health, Makino Asia, Total Oil, Global Foundries and Singapore Food Industries.

Spencer Chan

Spencer Chan is the Organization Service Quality Principal Consultant with Isaiah 11:2 Management Consultants Pte Ltd. His key focus is to help clients develop the strategic and operational competencies of their management and operational staff. Spencer specializes in business skills development with emphasis on critical thinking, written and oral communications, and selling and customer service skills especially for service businesses.

Spencer has successfully facilitated and coached thousands of participants personally from senior managers to operators in a spectrum of both technical and business-skill programs. Spencer has designed and trained most of the WDA accredited programs such as CREST for his previous company, Integrated Learning Systems which he co-founded and has also designed and trained several WSQ programs such as some of the ESS series as well as Provide GEMS Service. Spencer is also fully ACTA qualified.

Spencer was a vice-president and marketing director of Citibank’s Global Consumer Banking in Singapore. Before returning to Singapore, Spencer spent over 13 years in Switzerland and had held several marketing positions at Hewlett-Packard’s European HQ in Geneva, Switzerland with responsibilities across Western Europe. Prior to that, he was a marketing manager at Procter & Gamble with assignments in the Far East, Central America, and the Caribbean.
A former Colombo-Plan scholar and Rotary International Foundation Fellow, Spencer has conducted extensively both academic classes and in-company workshops in sales, marketing and customer satisfaction in Europe and in Asia. He was an adjunct professor at the Geneva campus of the Webster University of St. Louis, USA from 1983 to 1990.

Alice Wong

Alice Wong is currently the Senior Consultant with ISAIAH 11:2 Management Consultants.

Alice is an experienced Human Resources Practitioner with over 15 years work experience in multi-national companies in Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Throughout her career, she has played leading roles in areas of Coaching, Talent Management, Training and Development, Organizational Change and Strategic and Business Planning Processes.

Alice enjoys helping people to realize their full potential and add value to their lives.

She has a MSc. in Strategic Human Resource Management from the Hong Kong Baptist University.

Alice received accredited coaching training from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is a certified consultant in the use of SQI know-how.

Jacob Sim is the Organization Development Associate Principal Consultant with Isaiah 11:2 Management Consultants Pte Ltd. He is also founder KLEROS Consultants, and Associate Partnering Organization of Isaiah 11:2 Management Consultants Pte Ltd.

He was the Regional HR Director of an established MNC headquartered in the US, with responsibilities over Asia-Pacific. As the driver behind the company’s Organizational Development initiatives, he implemented Asia-wide interventions for 12 countries encompassing change management, 360-degree feedback, core values alignment, employee communications, employee engagement surveys and career development.

As Training & Communications Manager of a Jardine Pacific conglomerate specializing in environmental health services, he developed and implemented Training & Development interventions for its 1,500 staff, and spearheaded its corporate communications and quality programs. He was also a Consultant to Directors and Country Managers in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia in building their HRD capabilities to support expansion plans.

Jacob holds an NUS BA degree (top 10%); a Post-Graduate Dip. In T&D Management (Commendation Award Winner, T & D Association, UK-SIM); and a Certificate in Direct Marketing (Top Student, DM Association of Singapore). He is also fully ACTA certified, and is on the faculties of the American Management Association and the Covenant Vision School of Ministry as a course designer, trainer, lecturer and facilitator.
Corporations whose staff Jacob has impacted include: Ascott Group; A*STAR; Citibank; DHL; IBM; Mount Elizabeth Hospital; National Heart Centre; Siemens; Singapore Airlines (SIA) ; Wyeth Nutrition; Yahoo; IDA; IRAS; PSA; SMU; NTU.

Elizabeth Chan

Elizabeth Chan, founder and Managing Director of Center for Competency-Based Learning & Development (CBLD)

Competency-Based Development Strategic Partner of Isaiah 11:2 Management Consultants Pte Ltd

Elizabeth holds a Master of Management degree from Macquarie University, Sydney, major in Human Resource Management. She brings with her more than 30 years of working experience in human resource management and development; and training and consultancy. She was one of the pioneer consultants, who started working on the NSRS programme before it was officially launched in September 2000. The NSRS programme was taken over by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) on 1 September 2003.

Elizabeth has developed many functional maps, skills standards and assessment plans for various industries, which earned her an award for her contribution towards national workforce development in the year 2002 by SPRING Singapore, the only NSRS consultant to be given the award that year. Elizabeth was appointed by SPRING Singapore to develop On-the-Job training blueprints for the skills standards which she developed for various industries. She has also help companies in the different industries in implementing the WSQ Framework which involves the development of training programmes and assessment plans, providing training to course developers, trainers and assessors.

ONLY SQI Licensed Users certified by Dr Frederick Cheng, the ONE and ONLY Creator, Researcher and Founder of the SQI Know-how from June 2013 onwards and with the certificate issued by Isaiah 11:2 Management Consultants Pte Ltd ARE RECOGNIZED as SQI Licensed Users and AUTHORIZED to use SQI.

Certification using the non validated SQI with the old format by any other companies BEFORE June 2013 is not recognized and authorized to use SQI.

CBLD is an approved training organization by WDA to offer the ACTA programme. Her consultancy services that address industry needs include:

  • Developing industry competency maps
  • Developing industry competency standards
  • Developing industry assessment plans

Consultancy services that address organizational needs which include needs to meet the WSQ framework as well as non-WSQ competency-based requirements:

  • Developing organisational competency profiles
  • Developing competency standards to meet organizational needs
  • Developing learning and development programmes
  • Developing assessment plans
  • Providing independent assessment services
  • Preparing organizational systems to support WSQ process
  • Setting up competency-based training and assessment centers (WSQ)
  • Converting non-competency-based training programmes to competency-based training programme

Services that address programme developers’ needs include developing individuals to develop WSQ and non-WSQ competency-based training programmes (both classroom and OJT programmes):

  • Developing competency-based programme developers
  • Coaching programme developers to convert non competency-based training programmes to competency-based programmes
  • Assessment of completed competency-based training programmes


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