SQI Leadership – Executive Coaching Program

The SQI Leadership – Executive Coaching Program is a customized solution to develop a person’s leadership commitment and competencies effectiveness. SQI Leadership is able to operationalize these competencies into specific, observable and measurable behaviors.
This is an essential program for developing dynamic leaders who can withstand the demands of today’s competitive market place. It provides noticeable breakthrough in their leadership skills as part of its competitive edge for differentiation. The program provides a hands-on and flexibly structured approach to coaching the leaders in the management of people dynamics.

High performing senior leaders are shapers for the organizations’ future. This program will transform them to greater heights, ensuring continued success for the organization.

Program Deliverables

  • A personalized and comprehensive Leadership Discovery Report
  • Practical guide and tips for personal breakthrough
  • A personalized and comprehensive 1st Time Consultation Report
  • Coaching notes on ways to overcome key personal blind spots, self-limiting beliefs about yourself, about others and about your current situations with measurable progress
  • Coaching notes on the application of exemplary leadership practices for new and tangible breakthrough and repeated success with measurable progress
  • Consultant’s Post Coaching Report – Evidence of an accurate and objective assessment on the progress made in closing the developmental gaps as identified in the 1st Time Consultation Report
  • Discover and optimize your latent potential, identity energy and strengths
  • Effectively manage adversity , emotions, stress and improve relationships
  • Doing RIGHT the FIRST TIME and 4 times faster than any consulting and coaching process
  • Enhance critical decision-making that generates positive results for your organization’s bottom line
  • Achieve accelerated results in the context of your current role, without a need to be removed from day-to-day responsibilities
  • Personalized and confidential one-to-one coaching, acting as your ‘truth speaker’
  • Get clarity on your blind-spots that hinder your full potential
  • Get to the root causes, understand the fundamentals and develop new ways to solve old problems
  • Elevate your strategic thinking, influencing and persuasion skills
  • Achieve work-life balance, motivation and deep fulfillment
  • Identify and clarify your personal mission and values
  • Develop self-awareness and engage in transformational learning
  • Lead effectively and receive support during stressful organizational transition or crisis
  • Gain trust and commitment from your team, resulting in high performance and concrete results
  • Encourage and recognize talents through appreciative inquiry
  • Succession planning and engaging new talents with different work ethics

SQI™ Leadership

We believe that every leader and business is different, so call us and see how we can help you customize a SQI People Dynamics program.
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It was a great experience of being attached with Fred who is a great coach. It was a refreshing experience each time we had our sessions together.

The coaching using SQI system is very effective in understanding what is important for personal breakthrough. He has met my expectations in all the sessions and the experience of a new breakthrough is absolutely wonderful!

Salim Solaiman, Director of Business Development, Novartis Singapore

The accuracy of the SQI Report and the overall value of the SQI experience have exceeded my expectations. It is very helpful that from the report I can understand myself better.

By using Dr Fred’s method to work on some of the cases and people, it really made the difference and the responses I gotten were very positive. I am very happy that my boss enrolls me for the coaching program. There are really a lot of things that I can learn from Dr Fred. Appreciate the guidance and notes given by Dr Fred.

Samantha Tan, Customer Service Manager, Milliken Asia

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