SQI Leadership – People Dynamics Program

The SQI Leadership – People Dynamics Program is essential for building high-performing and synergistic teams. This group dynamics program is best use to build shared viability, shared values and shared variety among existing team members, or for forming new teams. The program can also be applied to resolve mistrust and improve the productivity of dysfunctional teams.

On completion of this program, executives and managers will show the team spirit for shared viability, values and variety. Teams will display observable and measurable breakthrough in their performance, resulting in successful implementation of innovation projects.

Program Deliverables

Participants will receive:

  • A personalized and comprehensive Leadership Discovery Report
  • A personalized and comprehensive 1st Time Consultation Report

The organization will receive:

  • Consultant’s Diagnosis and Recommendation Report – Evidence of an accurate and objective assessment of the team dynamics developmental gaps to close and the customized development programs for each participant to address the gaps identified
  • Three completed feedback forms from each participant – Evidence of participant’s buy-in before, during and after the completion of the program
  • An integrated team synergy development road map with measurable progress
  • Intra-teams that have the ability, clarity, focus and willingness to effectively manage adversity , emotions, stress and improve relationships, overcome mistrust, misunderstandings, past unpleasant experiences with each other, miscommunications, clashes in personalities and self-limiting beliefs about themselves, about others and about their current work situations
  • Consultant’s Post Intervention Report – Evidence of an accurate and objective assessment on the progress made in closing the team dynamics developmental gaps as identified in the Consultant’s Diagnosis and Recommendation Report
  • Forge stronger relationships between cross-functional or geographically dispersed teams
  • Five key People Dynamics Development Programs with Post-Intervention Support

Apart from the “SQI Team Synergy” and “SQI Team Innovation” People Dynamics Development Programs, there are five other key people dynamics programs and these are all SPRING / SDF funded via our clients’ direct arrangement with the government funding bodies.

  1. “Be Supported & Successful” A Leadership Program in Interpersonal Communication Skills
  2. “Speaking Up with Success” Assertiveness Skills Program for Every Professional
  3. “Present the Way Your Audience Listen” A Presentation & Facilitation Skills Program
  4. “Be A Professional Negotiator”, A Conflict & Negotiation Management Skills Program
  5. “Inspire Your Team” Motivation Coaching Skills Program for team Leaders

The information leaflets for the above People Dynamics Development Programs are available for viewing if you have the need to use it and you wanted to explore the suitability & feasibility of using them in your organization.

Please contact us for a no-obligation information sharing discussion. If our programs and intervention work are feasible and suitable to match what you are critically looking for which you don’t get it from your existing providers, then we will assist you to explore proceeding further with us.

SQI™ Leadership

We believe that every leader and business is different, so call us and see how we can help you customize a SQI People Dynamics program.
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It was a great intervention with the tool that helps us not only getting better insights about ourselves, but also enhances the understanding of group-dynamics and inter-personal relationship!

Jason Chen, Senior Vice President / MD of Cardinal Health

The SQI system is very effective in understanding what is important to build good interpersonal and team relationship. It exceeds my expectation in terms of the overall value of my experience with the SQI system assessment and the report had accurately and clearly shown my individual beliefs and emotions.

Koike San, Managing Director, Murata Electronics Singapore

Very interesting and useful. Just want to apply those skills which have been handled during the training to my real workplaces, my local training and my project management. The contents and skills, concepts are very practical, after getting this training they became clear.

Su hyun Cho, Manager, GlaxoSmithKline, Korea

Very useful in my job as I am interacting with different people. The experiences shared added clarity on the concept I have previously known. Reinforcing the idea has helped my development as well as the opportunity to share it with my colleagues. Great learning experience that I believe I can share with others.

Rosalytte Ronsayro, Manager, GlaxoSmithKline, Philippines

Thank you very much for your training effort and knowledge passed to us and I really enjoy!

Quach Ky, Operations Manager in Vietnam, Total Oil Asia Pacific

Good course for employees that need to communicate with customers on a regular basis. Trainer did a good job.

Dennis Koh, Customer Engineer, Global Foundries

I like the hands-on approach with the lively activities! Enjoyable!
Kimberly Tan, Deputy Manager, Commercial, PSA
Valuable and engaging. Learnt practical information on different tactics which I not particularly aware of.

Low Yen Ling, Senior Asset Manager, Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd

Excellent! Practical and relevant sales negotiation skills training for me to apply immediately.

Jimmy Lim, Manager (Motorcycle Lubricants Division), Fuchs Lubricants

Enjoyable! Learn to ask for what I need with ease, great!
Eric Tan, Senior Product Development Executive, Singapore Food industries

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