SQI Talent is designed to assist clients to select, manage and retain top talents in their organizations, while improving employee and workplace effectiveness. It is capable of predicting staff performance with more than 90% accuracy beyond conventional job-fit suitability tools.
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SQI Talent is based on a character and competency-based selection model. The talent management framework consists of an integrated suite of tools and methodologies, that are further customized to the specific needs of each organization. It is capable of capturing not only the commitment (character value beyond personality styles or types) but also the competency (skills) aspects of outstanding performers with your organization.

Talent Selection & Hiring

Effective recruitment and selection are critical to organizational success. They enable companies to have high-performing employees who are also satisfied with their jobs, thus contributing positively to the firm’s bottom line. Many organizations know that great people make the winning difference but only the best and brightest organizations put what they know and believe into consistent practice innovatively to attain excellence!

On the contrary, a misfit who is not in tune with the organization’s philosophies and goals can damage production, customer satisfaction, and relationship with suppliers and the overall quality of work. The misfit can also adversely affect the morale and commitment of co-workers and negative efforts to foster teamwork, short of mentioning team synergy which is the requirement for innovation to happen. Training a misfit / wrong hire is also not the solution for a selection problem and is very expensive with little or no improvement.

Effective recruitment and selection are therefore not only the first step towards organizational excellence, but also the important cost management mechanism.

SQI Talent will identify the common traits of high performing, long serving employees who stay with the organization. The analysis will be used to develop and validate templates to facilitate:

  • Recruitment & selections of new hires;
  • Retention and redeployment of existing staff;
  • Benchmarks for future hiring decisions & actions.

Performance Appraisal & Retention Management

While recruitment and selection (R&S) is the important first step in the HRM process towards organizational excellence, performance appraisal (PA) is the last important step. Organizational excellence is not just about starting right but also finishing well.

Without the right methodology and effective tools, performance appraisals are often conducted without specific references to extraordinary achievements or are held in a setting where constructive results are unattainable. Appraisals often fail to set a positive tone of supervisory interest and concern for subordinate needs. It is rushed to relieve the pressure of being involved in an unpleasant event. As a result, staff may not know their performance standards, or may disagree with the appraisal results. Organizations will miss a key step in developing an environment that will consistently produce results. They will also lose talents to competitive players in the talents market.

To navigate the complexity of organizational change, SQI Talent adopts a phased-approach framework. This provides the organization with greater flexibility for implementation and budget allocation.

Succession Planning

SQI Talent can assist clients in identifying the right employee for promotion, and the appropriate change management program to prepare the person to succeed in the new position. developing and validating the templates to facilitate the selection decision-making for staff promotion and redeployment ; setting benchmarks for future succession planning strategies and redeployment decisions & actions.

Find out how SQI Talent can be tailored to meet your organisation’s talent management needs.

The following are available for viewing if you have the need to use it and you wanted to explore the suitability & feasibility of using them in your organization:-
1) Job Suitability Report Sample
2) Superior-Direct Report Suitability Sample Report
3) Leadership Assessment Report Sample
4) Leadership Roadmap – Example
5) 360 Feedback Assessment & Development Sample Report
6) Workbook for Recipients of 360 Feedback

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The SQI workshop is the best personal investment I made – the experience is simply awesome: you’ve got to experience it to know!

My experience with the SQI system profiling assessment and interpretation experience was very good. After the interpretation session I gained greater understanding of myself and am also enlightened by the report insights.

The Consultant’s ability to seek to understand me and interpret the profile report in the right context meets my expectation. And in terms of the overall value of my experience with the SQI system assessment and the accuracy of the SQI System report meets my expectations. Both the clarity of the profile interpretation and the relevant use of discussion to facilitate my understanding of the report, definitely meets my expectation.

Janet See, Human Resource Manager
Global IT Multinational Company (USA)

The SQI System Report far exceed my expectations in the following 5 areas:

  1. Consultant seeks to understand me and interpret the profile report in the right context
  2. Clarity of the profile interpretation
  3. Relevant use of discussion to facilitate my understanding of the report
  4. Accuracy of the SQI System Report
  5. Overall value of the SQI System Experience

Overall, what I you think about the session I had experienced with the help of the SQI System – Leadership Discovery Inventory Report (LDI) consultation are:

I had come across a number of profiling tools over the years as a HR and L&D professional. I must say that SQI is amazingly accurate and it deserves the right to stand in the league of established tools like MBTI, DISC, and Strengths Finder etc. However what differentiates SQI from the rest is its accuracy not just in profiling a person but also its attempt to predict work performance. The design of ‘consistency’ perspective into SQI elevated the realism of the assessment and reported results. It will be exciting to think about the number of applications which will be conceived as a result of this Blue Ocean invention. Dated Mar 09.

Mr. Ronnie Tan, Ex-HR Manager, Hewlett Packard

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